Established in 2007

The Official Georgia Steak Cook-Off Championship

Georgia Great Steak Cook-Off  

Steak Dinner Choices:


Once you go through a serving line for your tray & sides, you will then proceed to the cooker/grill of your choice to pick up your delicious ribeye.  Will you pick the steak cooked by the Grand Champion team?


Ribeye Steak, Baked Potato, Salad, Cake, Roll, & Drink 

Tickets can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce.



Pick-up in cafeteria, same as in the past.

We are excited to bring something new to this year's Steak Dinner experience! You will have the option of Dine-In or Take-Out. If you Dine-in you will have the opportunity to choose a steak possibly grilled by this year's Grand Champion!

For Tickets contact the

Chamber of Commerce

at 912-375-4543!

Steak Dinner