Georgia Great Steak Cook-Off  

2016 Results

Grand Champion: HHH Grillers

First Runner-up-Smoke House Rats #2

Second Runner-up-Smoke House Rats

Third Runner-up - Jack Fallin - Captain Jack's BBQ Crew
Fourth Runner-up - Bubba Horton - 2nd Hand Smoke 
Fifth Runner-up-Hope Sheffield -Just Eat the Best Steak 
Sixth Runner-up - Daren Wooten - Doctors Orders 
Seventh Runner-up - Robert Sloan - Cotton Pickin' Steaks 
Eighth Runner-up - Colby Powell - Mis Fits 
Nineth Runner-up - Dana Sloan - Going Nuts Over Steaks 

2015 Results

Grand Champion-Casual Smokers

First Runner-up-Casual Smokers & Double Shot

Second Runner-up-Going Nuts Over Steaks

Third Runner-up-Chaney Bush Irrigation of Hazlehurst

Fourth Runner-up-Ken's Kool Kookin'

2014 Results
Grand Champion-Dixie Gunslingers, Hazlehurst, GA
First Runner-up -Team Jimmy Pruett, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up-Two Cooler Farm, Hazlehurst, GA

2013 Results
Grand Champion- Casual Smokers, Hazlehurst, GA
First Runner-up – Grillin & Chillin 1, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up – Cotton Pickers, Hazlehurst, GA

2012 Results
Grand Champion- Butts Great Steaks, Hazlehurst, GA
First Runner-up – T&G Grillers, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up – Full of Bull, Hazlehurst, GA

2011 Results
Grand Champion-Casual Smokers, Hazlehurst, GA
First Runner-up –Flame Masters of the World, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up - Crossroads Swainsboro, GA
Rig Construction - Gunslingers  Hazlehurst, GA

2010 Results
Grand Champion- Crossroads Cafe, Swainsboro, GA 
First Runner-up - Full of Bull, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up - Rotary Relaxers, Hazlehurst, GA
Rig Construction- Gunslingers: Safe & Sober Committee, Hazlehurst, GA

2009 Results
Grand Champion- Smarr Cooking Crew, Forsyth, GA 
First Runner-up - Full of Bull: Safe & Sober Committee, Hazlehurst, GA
Second Runner-up - Portable Cookshack, Blackshear, GA
Rig Construction- Full of Bull: Safe & Sober Committee, Hazlehurst, GA
Showmanship- Gunslingers: Safe & Sober Committee, Hazlehurst, GA

2008 Results
Champion-Mullis Cooking Team, Cadwell, GA 
First Runner-up - Altamaha Technical College, Culinary School, Hazlehurst, GA 
Second Runner-up - BBQ South of Byron, GA
Rig Construction- Original Sewer Grill Company, Alachua, FL 
Showmanship- The Gunslingers, Hazlehurst, GA
2007 Results 
Champion-  Git-R-Dun, sponsored by Wal-Mart of Hazlehurst, GA  (Proceeds went to the Children's Miracle Network)
First Runner-up - Boaty's BBQ of Alma, GA
Second Runner-up - The Gunslingers, sponsored by Jeff Davis County Safe & Sober Committee of Hazlehurst, GA 
Showmanship- Hog Wild Bar & Grill, Hazlehurst, GA
Rig Construction- The Gunslingers, Hazlehurst, GA


Past Winners

Established in 2007

The Official Georgia Steak Cook-Off Championship